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Join host @joeykarni for the best fan insight into pro-wrestling! From WWE to New Japan Pro Wrestling to AEW and the independent scene, The Angle covers pro-wrestling like no other podcast in the world! You also check out the many star-studded interviews with wrestling's past, present, and future!

In a recent interview, host Joey Karni was asked to describe himself and the show: 

"Wrestling has run through my blood way before I was born. It's been passed down from generation to generation. At age 3, I was turned onto WWE programming, watching alongside my grandfather. Other kids liked Superman and NFL, while my passion soon became something that combined all of those things. I began playing WWE video games and writing out my own storylines; to this day I have books piled up in storage of my creations. Wrestling is a part of my daily life and I plan to take the next step. As I mastered skills in writing, I also learned to produce, edit, and shoot all types of content. The Angle is not just a podcast, it’s a brand; it’s an idea of what I’d want to be a part of being a wrestling fan. I’m combining my studies, my passion, and my life to help lead a future generation of Professional Wrestling."

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