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D'Lo Brown on Transition to Commentary, WWE Releases, Aces & Eights Tease, Rebellion [TRANSCRIPTION]

Join Joey Karni as he gets The Angle with current IMPACT Wrestling Producer and Commentator D'Lo Brown! We discussed his transition from in ring action to backstage producing to now commentating ringside with Matt Striker, his favorite time in IMPACT being Aces and Eights, the tease from an Aces an Eights return, Rebellion, Rich Swann vs. Kenny Omega, Deonna Purrazzo being the next huge star from IMPACT, the recent WWE releases and who he thinks could end up in IMPACT Wrestling, & so much more! D'Lo Brown is a legend in the wrestling business and deserves all of the praise in the world! Here are the most notable quotes from the show.

On recent WWE releases possibly coming to IMPACT including alumni like Samoa Joe & Chelsea Green:

“You could see that and hopefully. It’s really a bad feeling when you’re let go from a company, but I know that each one of them still have a lot in front of them and they’ll do great things in the future whether it’s here in IMPACT or anywhere else. I know those people are survivors and I know they’ll go out there and prove a lot of people wrong that they were let go.”

On how he sees IMPACT competing against other companies:

“For us I think we find our niche and we do it as best as we can. I think in this COVID era of wrestling when you take away all of the bells and whistles, wrestling tv production comes down to how good of talent you have in the ring wrestling, how good the storylines are that you have, and I think over this COVID era IMPACT has done it better than anybody else. I mean we didn’t try to hide and we put wrestling right out in the forefront and just went with it. That’s a testament of our strength to find a place in this industry and hold onto it tightly.”

His thoughts on who he firmly believes is the future of IMPACT Wrestling:

“Easily Deonna Purrazzo is going to be the face of the Knockout’s Division for a long time to come. That woman has star written all over her and she carries herself in and out of the ring like a star. Always Eddie Edwards is a guy you look at and you go man, Eddie is like the flag bearer of this company and there’s still great things waiting down the road for Eddie Edwards. And then you look at a young guy like Ace Austin. I think he’s got the potential to become special in this business and be a multiple time world champion here in IMPACT wrestling. The future is bright for our company.”


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