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Eric Young says Rich Swann Is Not The Same After Ankle Injury [Exclusive]

At IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory, Eric Young will defend his IMPACT World Championship against the returning Rich Swann.
During the return episode of the IMPACT Press Pass, I had the opportunity to chat with both competitors and discuss their BFG main event championship match.
You can read the entire transcript below, or watch the Press Pass in full here.

Joey Karni- The Angle Podcast: “How are you guys? My name is Joey Karni from The Angle Podcast. My question is for Eric Young: Since returning to IMPACT Wrestling, you’ve been on a world class destruction course and you’ve regained the IMPACT World Championship. Since then Rich Swann has been the only one to defeat you. Are you more focused on retaining your championship or rewriting the wrong that is a loss to Swann?

Eric Young: “It’s probably a little of both. I mean I’m not embarrassed to lose to Rich Swann. He is for a lack of better word, it’s what I call myself, but he is a world class athlete, he is a world class professional wrestler. People who were in that match, all of the professionals in that match were on top of their game and that’s why they were there."

"Every dog has it’s day and he talked about his ankle being hurt and him coming back and not missing a beat. If he’s not careful, if he keeps running his mouth, and wanting to make this personal, he might not make it to Bound For Glory. A three-legged dog is still a dog, but let’s be honest, he’s not winning any physical competitions, he’s not chasing the frisbee like he used to, he’s not bringing the ball back as fast."

"A three-legged dog is still a dog, but he’s not the same. That’s how I view Rich.”

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