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Problem Solving: You're Not Listening!

There’s a consistent pattern when it comes to the WWE’s developmental system that I’ve become bitter with. More or less it’s been the same system for a few years now, despite the creation of NXT, which actually was beneficial, but always caused today’s problem. NXT without a doubt IS the most valuable brand in WWE today and it’s solely because of the talent. Look at it’s environment, the bells and whistles- nothing near what RAW and SmackDown do. Finn Balor said it best,

“ RAW and SmackDown are Hollywood, NXT is Broadway.”

For example, I would have NOT brought up Matt Riddle and Keith Lee. Riddle was doing well with consistent top-notch feuds and even a successful tag team title reign. Lee was making history as the. 1st ever double champion for the brand. There was still so much for them to do. We know from history, talent work better in NXT. I think the most valuable aspect to those characters and even the NXT brand is that they are never done developing; there’s always more to add. Slow and steady wins the race. There’s an aura and vibe about the brand. Maybe it’s just the creative and management behind the scenes.

While we are in the midst of a back-and-forth Wednesday Night War, it would make the most sense to have top level talent on the brand to compete against the opponent, AEW. Former champions like Shinsuke Nakamura, Robert Roode, and Andrade have taken a back seat on Raw and SmackDown. Why not bring them back to NXT, develop/refresh them, and maximize their potential. We see it happening today with the likes of Finn Balor, the current NXT World Champion (case in point.)

While discussing my above two ideas, we’ve seen the opposite done. Riddle and Lee have been brought up. Nakamura and company are also on the main roster, rotting. The problem can best be described as filling the fish tank with as many fish as you could find, leaving no room to swim. Riddle is always sinking. Keith Lee is stuck somewhere in the middle. The key here is to utilize the talent you have already.

Every year we see a WWE Draft. This year was pointless. We saw superstars drafted last year switched back, while NXT wasn’t even involved. NXT is where the foundation for most WWE Superstars is built. Bringing he/she up too soon can stun the growth. It’s not rocket science! I don’t want to ramble on here and you can get the idea of what I’m suggesting. It’s frustrating watching a show where it’s night and day with talent, in a bad way of course. There’s so much talent on the WWE roster and management refuses to utilize them properly.

All Elite Wrestling was created based off this idea. WWE basically created their competition.

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