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Tenille Dashwood on IMPACT’s Knockout’s Division-"They Love Wrestling" [Exclusive]

Recently IMPACT Wrestling Knockout's Star, Tenille Dashwood returned to put the whole division on notice that she's back for one thing, the Knockout's Championship.
During the latest episode of the IMPACT Press Pass, I had the opportunity to chat with her to discuss the recent return.
You can read the entire transcript below, or watch the Press Pass in full here.

Joey Karni- The Angle Podcast: “Tenille, you’ve been involved with a variety of women’s divisions in your career, bringing success everywhere you’ve gone so far, and to me this Knockout’s Division is a standout. What about this current Knockout’s Division intrigues you the most and how do you plan on raising the bar while you’re there?”

Tenille Dashwood: “First of all, how do I get a background like that? I should be having a huge background that says “All About Me” with hands pointing at me like this, that’s what I need. Can you guys write that down for next time.”

**Josh Matthews & Ross taking notes**

Tenille Dashwood: “You’re really not prepared for this, I’m taking time out of my day. Okay this Women’s Division, I’ve wrestled for the top companies in the world and I’ve gotten to know a lot of people. I will say that IMPACT is the best division currently and I would say that it’s quite obvious that the women there, they bust their ass. They love wrestling and the passion oozes out of them when they’re in the ring. I like competition you know? And I like people to pride themselves on what they do so that when I beat them it just makes me look that much better."

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