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Brooklyn Beatdown with the Warriors of Wrestling!

New York is home to many big names and icons. The city that never sleeps with all of its beauty and flaws. A place that welcomes everyone of any kind. The motto goes, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” and that goes too with the Warriors of Wrestling.

Known for being the fastest growing independent wrestling promotion in the tri-state region, the @WarriorsofWrestling have helped develop many stars you cheer/boo for today, along with many you’ve never seen before. Students like Dexter Obsidian, who I had the opportunity to speak to last month at the promotion’s event Cold Furry, gave me great insight into how he began training at the Warrior’s school and who inspired him to do so. His likeness to Superstars like Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, and Rob Van Dam gave him the motivation he needed to start his training at just 17 years old. At the end of our interview, Dexter announced his intentions to win the No Limits Championship, which is currently held by Tyree Taylor. Fast forward to this past Saturday at Brooklyn Beatdown, Dexter became the #1 Contender for that very title by winning two consistent matches to end the contender tournament.

Speaking of the No Limits Champion, @T_Taylor347, he competed in what was in my opinion the best match of the night. Taylor successfully defended his title against not one, but two superstars in what was considered an open challenge. The promotion’s longtime star, “Frat Boy” Farva, answered the call, but it was the surprise of @Samoanwerewolf Jacob Fatu that stunned the crowd. For those of you who aren’t aware of the rules regarding the No Limits Championship, here they are: THERE ARE NONE! No Limits means there are no rules, which creates an exciting experience for the fans. Keep in mind that these three athletes aren’t small guys, they’re heavyweights, and I watched each one perform a moonsault off the top rope, very impressive! After the use of chairs and chains, it was Tyree Taylor who scored the pinfall and retained his title. Seen below is a picture I took after Tyree’s remarkable win.

When I attended my first W.O.W. event last month I was unaware of the Superstars who resided there. Within minutes I quickly found out and there’s two words to describe them: DRIP SET. The Warriors of Wrestling Tag Team Champions, @TheIsaiahWolf, @MarcusMarQuee, & the No Limits Champion @T_Taylor347, better known as Prolific, quickly made an impression on me. Their charisma, hunger, drive, and passion seeped right out of them. I knew this group was something special. If you look at history and all of the greats, there’s no one team that is anything like Prolific. I can assure you that they are the future of pro wrestling. During my time with them, Tyree mentioned their group dynamic and stated,

"This wasn't an accident. Chemistry is real. Motive is real.Technique is real. You need talent on talent on talent to be in a group or there's an easy weak link and there's no group."

Although on this night Wolf and Marquee unsuccessfully retained their tag titles, it creates an opening for them to prove to the world why they deserve those titles again and why they deserve the title of being called “the future.” The duo will compete in a rematch for the Tag Team gold at next month's event.

One thing I could say is that the Warriors of Wrestling always deliver and even include some special guests/surprises. In a jaw-dropping moment where everyone in the crowd quickly took out their phones, out came WWE Hall of Famer, The Godfather! He didn’t come alone either as he quickly introduced his “Hoe Train” to the Warrior Nation. The Godfather played many roles in WWE and successfully did so. This character was extremely popular back during the 90’s. Despite this surprise being more than enough to entertain the crowd, it was who entered through the fog to close out the show. WWE Legend and iconic dark figure, Gangrel, made an appearance and competed in the events main event. His opponent, @VinnyPacifico1, should patiently in the ring as the lights turned out and the iconic “Brood” theme played. It was a moment I’ll never forget! Through all of the “You still got it!” chants and the boos, Vinny Pacifico once again showed the Warrior Nation why you “Can’t count Vinny out!” This match was a technical bout and highlighted everything the Warriors of Wrestling stand for. I can only imagine what they have planned for April’s event, but what I do know is that it will be a Hostile Takeover.

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