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Charlie Haas shoots on Team Angle, AEW, 1st Match on IMPACT, The Hurt Business [PRESS]

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

This is Charlie Haas' 1st interview post his IMPACT debut! Join Joey Karni as he gets The Angle with 14x Tag Team Champion, Charlie Haas! We discussed how Charlie got his start with tag team wrestling and his brother Russ, the tragic death of his brother, original plans for Team Angle including his brother, splitting up The World's Greatest Tag Team with Shelton Benjamin, his return to TV, how/what happened to get a match on IMPACT with Josh Alexander, his thoughts on his 1st IMPACT match, the injury that took place, talks with WWE & AEW, if he'd want to reunite with Shelton Benjamin, wanting to wrestle in AEW with Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley, Malakai Black, & SO MUCH MORE! This was an in-depth conversation with Charlie Haas where he discussed some topics for the 1st time ever!

On wanting to wrestle in AEW against Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley, & Malakai Black:

If Arn Anderson and them are out there listening, I’d love to work with AEW. I’d love to go in there with Cody, The Young Bucks are there. Would love to work with them or be a coach for tag team wrestling as well. I’d love to wrestling JONAH, Malakai Black, Josh Alexander again, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Jon Moxley, Cody Rhodes, I’d love to wrestle Arn Anderson’s son Brock, that’d be a dream match man, Arn had so much to do in my career and to be in the ring with his son, that’d be an honor and then maybe in 10 years he’d be in the ring with my kids, I don’t know, but I’d love for something like that to happen, that’d be great!”

On how the IMPACT deal came about and where they stand:

“I’ll give Tommy Dreamer a lot of credit for that. He saw me on an independent show and he said you still got it and everything looks great. He said let me see what I can do and then D’Lo Brown reached out to me and said hey we’re going to be in town in Dallas and if you’re available if you can come in we want to do something with you. I didn’t know what I was going to do, I had no idea I was going to wrestle Josh Alexander or cut a promo. I thought it was going to be something to build or reintroduce me. That I know of, yes it was a 1-off thing. As of right now we haven’t talked any further, so yea man I’m a free agent, so I’m able to go wherever I can and I’m willing to listen to whatever.”

On being a free agent and what he wants next:

“I hope something good comes out of it, but like I said, I want to work for another 2-3 years I also want to be a producer or an agent or a coach, I want to work behind the scenes. I’m just hoping someone out there will give me a chance and bring me in.”

On the injury that took place against Josh Alexander:

“I thought it was going to be a snug Japanese strong style match, it was hard-hitting! I feel bad because I caught a knee somewhere in there. I tripped going for a gore in the corner and took a knee in the turnbuckle and I got knocked out. I don’t remember finishing the match really. I didn’t even watch the match because I feel in my heart that it was good until then. I do have to say this about Josh Alexander, ultimate pro and he is the pinnacle. I’d love to have 1 more rematch with him.”

On reuniting with Shelton Benjamin in WWE:

“Is it what he wants to do? He’s involved in another tag team with Cedric Alexander. Or do I come in and disrupt that? Or do we reform The World’s Greatest Tag Team? Do we form a new faction? Or do I go solo or do they just bring me in to be an agent? Who better than Shelton and I teaching these new amateur wrestlers how to cross over?”


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