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Chris Sabin & Ace Austin Discuss Bound For Glory Tag Title Bout; Scott D'Amore Thoughts [Exclusive]

As Bound For Glory approaches IMPACT Wrestling Stars Ace Austin & Chris Sabin prepare for the Fatal-Four-Way Match for the Tag Team Titles.
During the latest episode of the IMPACT Press Pass, I had the opportunity to chat with them to discuss the event and tag team wrestling.
You can read the entire transcript below, or watch the Press Pass in full here.

Joey Karni- The Angle Podcast: “This question is for both competitors. The match at Bound For Glory is becoming a top favorite match. The storyline is so easy to be invested in because it contains four of the best tag teams in the world. What does it mean to have tag team wrestling as a major pillar of BFG?”

Chris Sabin: “I mean I think that speaks to how good the Motor City Machine Guns are. We’re the champs, we’re representing IMPACT Wrestling as the champions and tag team wrestling is at the forefront again. I mean can we take all of the credit? No. I mean there’s lots of other talented tag teams in IMPACT Wrestling, but I think that says something for who we are as a tag team.”

Ace Austin: “Yea I guess you can look at it that way, that perspective makes sense from your end, but let’s think about Slammiversary, you know, the most important, the most anticipated match was that main event at Slammiversary, which I was the favorite going into. Now we’re looking at the most anticipated match at Bound For Glory and again, Ace Austin is a participant in. So I don’t know, Ace Austin equals money. That’s what it looks like from my end.”

Joey Karni- The Angle Podcast: “Awesome I appreciate your guys time.”

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