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John Silver on Brodie Lee, TNT Title Match, AEW/WWE, Being The Elite [TRANSCRIPTION]

Join Joey Karni as he gets The Angle with Johnny Hungee himself, John Silver! We discussed his journey to AEW, getting booked by Matt Jackson as weekly local talent, being an extra for WWE and it being awful because of backstage politics, how The Dark Order became faces and the evolution on Being The Elite, Brodie Lee and his passing, if he thinks anyone could become the next leader of The Dark Order, his injury and when it took place, his TNT Championship match with Darby Allin, and SO MUCH MORE! John Silver has a great career ahead of him! Here are the most notable quotes from the show.

On being an extra for WWE and not being happy about it because of politics etc. Comparing to AEW:

“It’s not a good feeling even though you’re happy to do it. There are plenty of people who are nice, but there’s also plenty that won’t even look at you. Like you better not even go near them. Like don’t contact them or they’ll burry you. It’s a little too much. In AEW I like when people come up to me and say who they are and introduce themselves. You’re walking on eggshells constantly in WWE and it’s really not a fun thing to do besides eat their catering. Doing extra work was awful there.”

On how Matt Jackson made the call to book him and Alex Reynolds:

“We finally get the call from QT Marshall and he says he wants to book us for AEW. Like holy crap! We get there and I see on the board it says Proud N Powerful vs. local talent and we were the local talent. But after the match Matt Jackson came up to me and Alex and he’s very nonchalant when he talks but he says what he means and he’s like hey maybe we’ll bring you guys back every week and every week you’ll be the local talent who gets beat up and that’ll be your thing for a while.”

His thoughts on if anyone should become the leader of The Dark Order after Brodie:

“I didn’t even think about it. It’s possible they put Erick Redbeard with us. Whatever Tony wants to do with this I’m okay with. I just didn’t really want anyone to be the next Exhalated One. All that I wanted was for no one to replace him(Brodie). If they did have Erick Redbeard come in he’d just be a Dark Order member I wouldn’t want him to be the leader.”

Thoughts on what’s next after his TNT Title match:

“ I’m going to do what I do best. I want to have big matches. I want to wrestle the best people. I want to win all of the championships. I want to do it all!”


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