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There’s a this negative connotation when it comes to rebels. To disregard the rules and play their own game. Now there are those to who rebel because of a trend, most actually, completely neglecting the responsibility to create change. Fickle.

You position yourself as the underdog, the mistake maker, time and time again begging for the admiration of those you care about. I couldn’t relate more. In fact, I admire you for it. I’ve been that brother who works twice as hard just to be equal to the other sibling. I’m the brother who busts his ass to get out of bed in the morning because I can’t look myself in the mirror. I get it. Out of all of the Rhodes to choose from, you chose to be Cody and what you’ve done with him makes you Elite. Your match this Saturday is generation vs. generation but you are not, you can’t, be the attitude era killer, because the attitude era is already dead. You see you lost me here because everything you said was tangible, I felt it, but this, this facade to manipulate fans to be all in shows that being the elite is alike everyone else who came before you.

How contradicting can you be? Creating a new bunker for the fans only to use the same ammo as everyone else. Deep down you know the best superstars past, present, and future replicate the very era you speak of, the very era your brother played a part in. To kill the attitude era is to kill your own insecurities of just not being good enough.

I believe you are great. Be so and create your own legacy, but do not disturb the dead. Let is rest peacefully. Because if not , Cody, you prove that being the All Elite means being All Bullshit. Don’t be the one to "khan" the fans like the other guys. Speaking of Khan, Tony, I have a question for you, Do you really want to change the world? And if your answer is "yep" then we, the fans, can help.

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