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As adolescents we are trained to look up to hero’s, whether they be supers, athletes, or just someone you know. Told that one day if you work hard enough you too can become a hero and eventually pay it forward. A place of belonging, a beacon of hope, You made me feel like I was a part of something. And as I grew I learned from you- the value of brotherly love, to respect the hustle, and to electrify all with flair. All remarketable, yet not very accurate.

On my downward spiral you grabbed me and said even B+ can be great. and I accepted that. Until I realized that it’s all lies, you are a lie and quite frankly you’re full of shit. You actually believe your own nonsense and it’s an utter sham. Feeding us garbage expecting us to eat it up and stay full while you snag up all the talent leaving nothing but scraps. I’m hungrier than I’ve ever been and it’s my time to steer the herd in the proper direction. To pay it forward I must, so now I shall do so.

You see, darkness creates opportunity for those who resist to see nothing. You sir have left us in the dark for far too long and now I see clearer than I ever have. Frustrations within have caused Hunter to become the prey in his own home. There’s an Elite war upon the squared kingdom and you’re doing fucking nothing about it. You are the master of the craft, but eventually every master has a curtain call.

Sure winter has passed, but the heat is on and these flames caused from TNT will burn everything around you to the ground. A "punk" once called this very time, in fact he warned all about his clarity. You didn’t listen. As of now You are relieved of your duties. because with your direction there’s no chance in hell.


Your time is up, and our time, the fans time, is now. I’m gonna reach out right now, it’s my hand touching your hand. Only if you can see it. Only if you can feel it. All of us want to be entertained. All of us want to feel something. All of us want to connect. All of us love professional wrestling. Join me as we procure all the fans who stand in the dark, not knowing where to go.

Welcome to the place where the fans create the future. Welcome to the place where anyone from young, old, male, female, lapsed fan, or diehard fan who absolutely love professional wrestling is accepted. Welcome to where we call you out on your bullshit and demand better.

Welcome to, The Angle.

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